Spring Pics

Posted on April 5th, 2010 at 7:27 am | Posted by Tabatha | 0 Comments

Rylynn is one now, and she’s been walking for 3 months or so, so we’ve been outside every chance we get. This little girl LOVES to be outside. She goes to the front door and points outside thru the window and says “Ou” (outside) or “Buh”(bird), even when it’s dark outside. The ‘skeeters are so bad tho, and she welps up when she’s bitten.
She is still sleeping all night long, 10 hours or more, so we’re thankful for that! She is super loving and wants to give everybody a kiss (or 2, or 3)! She can say mama, dada, papa, Josh, g-anny, boo-boo (moms dog), bird, egg, Remi (joshs dog), Nealon (she says  “Ne”, and also just a whole lots of jibber jabbers. She is gonna be a talker, thats for sure!
She can also point to green, red and blue, and copies everything she sees…and I do mean everything! She is the smartest little girl!

She had to get 3 shots after her birthday and a prick on the finger, and tho she did cry, she was fine before we even left the parking lot. We are so proud of her in so many ways, and just don’t think we could ever love anything else as much!