Posted on February 15th, 2010 at 12:05 pm | Posted by Tabatha | 0 Comments

So Rylynn will be one year old in 19 days! We can’t believe it! People always said how fast they grow up, but I thought it was just something people said. Now I know what they mean. She’s been walking for almost 2 1/2 months. She copies pretty much everything anybody does. She tries to comb her hair, drink out of the regular cup, put hairbow in her “hair”, headbands on her head, and so much more! She’s got 7 teeth all the way in, and I think there’s molars coming in, so we’re all a bit cranky lately. Road trip to Valdosta this past weekend was all kinds of trouble, which ended with her vomiting everywhere when we were 10 minutes from home. She fights sleep so bad, and she just cries and cries. She is a BUSY child. She certainly knows what she wants! As of right now, Matt and I decided we don’t want anymore kids. Not until the Lord changes something! :)
But thats okay- she’ll get all our lovin to herself!